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COVID-19 Update

To stay informed on all the latest updates, travel restrictions, protection and prevention, please visit us here. 

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Knight Ride

Knight Ride is a partnership between UCFPD and SGA that offers safe, after-hours transportation around campus. Knight Ride replaces UCFPD’s safe escort program formerly known as SEPS.  Now, Knights that need a safe nighttime transportation option can head to a designated Knight Ride location and wait for the marked van to arrive. The Knight Ride van will follow a similar route as the daytime Pegasus Express, with additional stops near Alafaya Trail and McCulloch Road. The van will make a full loop around campus every 30 to 45 minutes, allowing riders to hop on or off along the way.


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Student Development and Enrollment Services - Online Resources

While all UCF classes have moved online and the campuses remain closed, the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services is dedicated to continue providing Knights with services they can depend on. Click here for a list of virtual services that SDES departments are offering to assist students.

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